July 5, 2019 – August 25, 2019 all-day
De Parade in The Hague, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht

Across four major cities, this famous carnival-tastic experience is the authentic taste of Dutch summer.

Around 80 theater, dance, mime and music performances for young and old play in the theater tents on the Parade. Most of the performances are specially made for the festival and can only be seen at the Parade. Every day there are different shows on the shelves. These last an average of 30 minutes, so you can easily see two, three or even four shows in one evening. In addition to the evening performances, there is an extensive KinderParade every day with theater performances, music performances and workshops. Every night live bands play that are free of charge. You can buy performance and entrance tickets online or at the Paradeterrein.

The tour starts on 21 June 2019 in the Museumpark in Rotterdam. We then travel with all artists, employees, tents and restaurants via Westbroekpark in The Hague to Moreelsepark in Utrecht and traditionally close in the Martin Luther Kingpark in Amsterdam.

In 2018, 231,000 people visited the Parade and over 296,000 theater tickets were sold.