Twelve days of up-and-coming talent during the ninth edition of the Delft Fringe Festival. From Thursday 30 May to Monday 10 June 2019, the Prinsenstad will once again be dominated by one of the most important and largest theater festivals for young makers in the Netherlands. Delft Fringe Festival connects young makers with explorers and enthusiasts in a surprisingly versatile program at unexpected locations in Delft. With 225 hours of performances, the Delft Fringe Festival offers the ideal theatrical binge-watch marathon during this summer. Ticket sales start Monday, April 15. 

Thunderous variety of genres and performing artists
The Delft Fringe Festival is a springboard for the new generation of emerging performing artists. The festival program shows work by makers who have a story to tell and more than deserve to be seen by a large audience. Do you think it’s time for something else? Do you want to be surprised? Are you done with the established order? Then the Delft Fringe Festival is made for you. This year the festival welcomes no less than 10 cabaret performances, 2 live art performances, 6 music theater performances, 3 small art performances, 1 opera, 8 dance performances, 1 circus act, 12 theater performances, 8 musicians and bands and 7 family performances. 

Talent of the future puts Delft in a different (spot) light
You experience the performances close to the skin of the artist. What does that look like? Along the wings of a mill Lisa Ostermann takes you through a mix of sharp jokes, beautiful songs and unexpected twists. Just too fair and out of place, moralizing, Vlamousse struggles with the themes of the time in the oldest cafe in Delft. Illusionist, dancer and theater maker Dion travels all over the world with his spectacular acts and brings the magic back to the Netherlands during the Delft Fringe Festival. In the barn of Jan, 91, you will discover with Mackor De Muynck whether we can dance to madness. The talent of the future puts Delft in the spotlight more than four hundred times. Everything for a moment with different eyes. 

Pink is the new gold
Delft will again have a lot of pink colors this year from 30 May to 10 June. “Pink is the new gold” says festival director Roel Funcken. “These are the people who will soon win the Louis d’Ors, the Golden Calves and the Golden Swans”. One of those contenders for a prize is Sanne Vleugels, who won the coveted public prize last year with her then artistic partner Astrid Klinkenberg. This year Soprano Sanne returns to the festival with the new opera cabaret production How to be a Prima Donna. Together with Anouk Antonissen and a good dose of humor, she proves that opera does not have to be boring and dusty. 

About the Delft Fringe Festival
Delft · Fringe · Fes · ti · fall (het; o; plural: unique) 1. uninhibited cultural 2. connects young makers with enthusiasts; 3. public display of theater, art, dance, music, etc. 4. turns Delft into a surprising multi-day stage.

Delft Fringe Festival is a leading festival in which upcoming talents, old souls and free spirits provide cultural goose bumps. The diverse program connects musicians, dancers, theater makers and performing artists with enthusiasts, bon vivants, connoisseurs and explorers. For example, the city of Delft is in a different (spot) light.

That the festival is a springboard for talent is clear from the success stories of makers from previous editions. For example, De Gestampte Meisjes, Bovenste Knoopje Open, HUN, Jasper Smit, Kirsten van Teijn, Lisa Ostermann, Matroesjka and Kiki Schipper gained fame throughout the Netherlands after participating in the Delft Fringe Festival.