October 29, 2019 – November 23, 2019 all-day
Dilan Yurdakul in autobiographical 'Through the Shadow' @ Theater Bellevue

Through the shadow there is a musical performance by Dilan Yurdakul about identity and connection. A journey through her thoughts and past; through trauma, suffering, shame, guilt and flight. Dilan asks the questions she previously did not dare to ask, trying to fill in the gaps in her identity.

Can you fight through the shadows and reinvent yourself?

Dilan Yurdakul : “It is a musical performance in which I crawl into my own head. In the madness, in all sneaky thoughts, at the lost hours in the day … Everyone knows the moments, at night alone in bed.”


by Dilan Yurdakul
music Stijn Hoes
director Julie van den Berghe
design Marjolijn Brouwer
text coach Liet Lenshoek
courtesy of Rik van den Bos
co-production Likeminds, Theater Bellevue

More about the makers

Dilan Yurdakul (1991) is an actress and theater maker. In addition to her work for television (including GTST), she is part of the Nieuwe Makers Traject of the Performing Arts Fund in collaboration with Likeminds. Because of her background, Dilan is fascinated by the friction between freedom and identity, between autonomy and community. In her work, she investigates the human condition and reflects on the world around her in her own way.