Lots of Folk and Fairy Tales, Myths and Sages are many, many…. many centuries old.

They are ancient stories, handed over through thousands of generations. Some can be so old, we are not able to trace back their origines anymore.

These oldest of oldest stories, bring us the oldest of oldest wisdom and are filled with subtle symbolism, helping us listeners to understand this wisdom at our deepest level.

Master Storyteller Anje Robertson has studied the origines, the keepers and the symbolism over the years and will share her wisdom on this with guests.


Location TBA. To reserve a seat: send an email to: info@DISCstorytelling.com


For whom: teachers, parents, grandparents, public speakers, storytellers, writers, policy makers, politicians, gouvernment workers, care givers, day care workers or anyone who would just like to learn more on how The Craft of Storytelling is being used in professional fields.