May 9, 2019 – June 13, 2019 all-day
EARTH: Art Exhibit at Voorburg

This month, the Vooruit Art Show has a selection of works that exude a natural atmosphere, made in earth tones and reflect the beauty of everyday life. A unique mix of art and design. But what do you call such a unique collection?

The Kunstuitleen chose the word EARTH as the exhibition title and theme. EARTH in the sense of soil, clay and purity, but also as the material from which new things emerge.

Lots of exhibitions have recently been devoted to clay and ceramics in contemporary art. For example,  Gemeentemuseum The Hague has the exhibition “Out of the Clay” until August. This resurgence in clay art can be explained in terms of taking care of our earth and focusing on the small-scale, the collective and the awareness that we must be responsible. Applying this world view to art allows us to rediscover the beauty of the earth while also attending to traditional art methods. Working with wood, clay, and other pure materials.

There are artists and designers who work with traditional techniques and pure materials. But when is it art and when is it design? The dividing line is thin. It doesn’t matter to most people either. All works that the Kunstuitleen shows in the AARDE exhibition are handmade, and unique due to the limited edition.

From 9 May to 13 June you will find a large variety of earthenware and porcelain crockery as well as pure photography, powerful textiles, intuitive paintings, simple graphics, paper flowers and poetic prints. Pure, primeval, EARTH. Are you in?

Participants are:

  • Marjolein Maria (photography)
  • Krin Rinsema (painting)
  • Maartje van den Noort (woven textile and maps)
  • Tiny de Vries -TinyStories (collage and paintings)
  • Damianne Langedijk (painting)
  • Marjoke de Heer (ceramics)
  • Triskel Pottery (ceramics)
  • LauLabel (ceramics)
  • Hasami PorcelainFemkeHeutinkArt (miniatures)
  • De Boemenier (paper flowers)
  • Label Isabella (illustrations, cards and prints)
  • MarieMaakt (graphics and cards)

In addition, porcelain from Studio Harm & Elke, Hasami and jewelry from Eva Schreuder, Studio Mooibos and Stook.