August 1, 2018 – August 26, 2018 all-day
Haagse Kunstkring
Denneweg 64
The Hague
'Everything in Wood' Exhibition @ Haagse Kunstkring

Exhibition with works about trees, the results of a symposium ‘Working with wood’ (July 2018) and wooden models of architectural designs. Participants symposium: Carla Krutzen, Wieke Terpstra, Felice Vermeire, Peter van Loon, Sarah Cloos, Hans la Hey, Tineke Vulto and Adrie Huisman

On 11 July, a number of members of the Hague Art Circle, visual artists, started working in the garden. The concept is wood. The garden is full of it! Visual artists go chopping, stabbing, sawing and drilling daily to make artworks. A few people started working with charcoal.

It became a symposium in the classical sense of the word: an occasion in which people eat, drink and talk with a serious deepening of their insights. Participants are visual artists Carla Krutzen, Wieke Terpstra, Felice Vermeire, Peter van Loon, Sarah Cloos, Hans la Hey, Tineke Vulto and Adrie Huisman. Anyone else may come to watch or to drill or saw into the wood, under supervision.

Literary figures also participate alongside the artists – writers, poets, actors, filmmakers. They write columns about trees; interview favourite artists, make a film about the evolution of a piece of wood into a work of art, read Pinocchio, carve a text in a log. Everything that fits within the definition of artistry.

The process is already a goal in itself. The symposium merges seamlessly into an exhibition under the title ‘Alles van hout’. There the results of the contributions of the literary members are shown or played. The exhibition also includes work on trees, wooden models of architectural design and an adaptation of the music piece ‘Wood’ by Louis Andriessen.

In the Long Hall, the work of the wood artist and model builder Henk Bouwer is exhibited. Karel Bodegom has a special wall unit in the Bovenzaal and Tineke Vulto, in collaboration with Henk Kranenburg, shows her slides of fruit trees in different climate zones. In the high hall you can see some twenty framed drawings of Ger Groothedde’s trees, Urs Pfannenmüller exhibits gouaches. Marianne Bos shows large and especially long woodcuts and fabrics. Enny Kleikamp exhibits a hundred small drawings of one hundred Hague trees. in the garden, among others, small plastic in wood by Carla Krutzen and Marieke Cordesius is exhibited.

During the exhibition the work Wood (Wood) by composer Louis Andriessen will be performed. This 1991 work has an unusual musical composition: tenor saxophone, marimba, guitar and piano.

The gallery is open Wednesday to Saturday from 11 am to 5 pm and Sunday from 1pm to 5pm.