December 5, 2017 @ 10:00 am
The Trehut Gallery at the American Book Center
Lange Poten 23
The Hague

It’s not every day that you see artists from Mexico, Holland, Lithuania, Sweden, Germany, Venezuela, Greece, England and India present their work in one space. “GLOCAL IMAGES” exhibition hosted by an art teacher Maryolga Nieto at the American Book Centre in The Hague is a truly international event.

Nieto is a celebrated artist and a published author, who has been actively teaching for the past 19 years. She encourages her students to develop their own voice, allowing them the freedom to truly express themselves. According to Nieto: “Artist should have the ability to go beyond the form”, and one can sense this liberating approach in every artwork displayed at “GLOCAL”.

The exhibition features an incredible diversity of styles, ideas and mediums. At “GLOCAL IMAGES” you will find beautifully dangerous landscape photographs by Gerdinand Wagenaar displayed alongside Vyoma Joshi’s abstract paintings inspired by ethnic Indian motifs.

A sign language interpreter by profession Wagenaar, travels the world helping people to better understand each other. With his photographs Wagenaar captures sublime moments in time, convulsive beauty of nature and quite contemplative moods.

Photograph by Gerdinand Wagenaar

“I didn’t create this beauty, nature did. I was just there and took the photo,” – Gerdinand Wagenaar.

His photographs have a distinct minimalist style. By focusing on a certain element of the scenery he is able to reveal it to the fullest.

Mystery by Vyoma Joshi, which you can see on the photo below, is a painting which strikes with its transcendental colour composition, as well as subtle incorporation of kalava threads. Kalava is the sacred Hindu thread, which is tied by a priest or an older family member on the wrists of all the people attending the prayer ceremony. Joshi explains that the threads are there for good luck.

Photo by Vyoma Joshi

Another mysterious painting featured at the exhibition is Secret by Tanja Teufert. “When I painted this piece I felt like I had to hide it, like it was a secret”, says Teufert. Inspiration for her paintings develops out of life experiences or situations, which she feels the urge to bring onto the canvas immediately. Looking at her art gives you a sense of movement and strength, which arises from Teufert’s special technique of using a knife and even her bare hands.

Yarmenta Balogun is presenting an important piece titled “Indonesia” from her series “Humans from my world”. Balogun paints strangers she met on her travels around the world. The harmony of simple life inspires her work.

Indoesnia by Yarmenta Balogun

“The most meaningful things in life are the most simple”- says Balogun.

Deborah Murphy’s art is inspired by the outdoors, painting in the wilderness gives her an opportunity to breathe and reflect. Murphy is a life-long artist, writer and photographer. She paints in plein ait in water colour and acrylic and completes studies in pencil sketch, when she is traveling. Painting for Murphy is a meditative immersive experience, which brings her closer to nature.

Donata Kairyte is another bright talent taking part in this unique event. She loves experimenting with various painting techniques, mediums and styles. Vibrating Colours, which you can see below is a very special piece:

“Generally I like to “spend some time” with my paintings, at least 4 days, with short adjournments, and thoughts. But this one is very special for me, as it took just couple of hours to paint – as the emotion was very spontaneous and strong”, says Kairyte.

Vibrating Colors by Donata Kairyte

Don’t miss your chance to see “GLOCAL IMAGES” first hand and learn more. Among other works you will discover works by an established impressionist artist Dimitris Voyiazoglou.