August 11, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

You are an expat! You live in The Hague! Your weekends are free! You like football. So why not combine your new life in this wonderful city with the locals and go to watch live football in the top Dutch league.

ADO Den Haag play in the Eredivisie. They host all of Holland’s top teams. As an expat myself, I know how it feels to try and fit into the local community. Yes you have work colleagues, but away from your office, time can go slow.

This coming Friday night, ADO Den Haag start their Eredivisie campaign with a home game in the Cars Jeans Stadium against FC Utrecht. Tickets for this game are already selling very well, many areas already sold out. To get more information on tickets for this game, click HERE.

I found my life in this great city improve greatly once I started to visit ADO Den Haag home games. I was then fortunate to become a reporter for TheHagueOnline expat website and covered their games home and away. Now I am on the field with a camera and set up, with permission of the club the ADO for Expats website. All the fan websites were all of great help to me, they have all welcomed my efforts in promoting the local team.

Since then I have made so many great new friends, I am welcomed in the stadium. I meet people in the city when I am out and about. Life here was good before, but now I feel a real part of the city. It’s my home, my city and my club!

So why not plan to come along next season? The prices are unbelievably cheap. The cheapest season ticket for an adult is only €150 that works out to only €8.82 per game. For kids it starts from €67,50 that is only €3,98 per game.

No matter where you come from, if you wear the green and yellow of ADO you will be welcomed. Read the stories of two different expats HERE and HERE of their first experience of visiting ADO. I know many expats who now go to ADO games. All enjoy it and have made friends there.

If you are here alone, contact me via the ADO for Expats website. I am willing to organize a meet up with new people, or if you just want to go along, I can also introduce you to some local fans who have more than once taken a new expat to a game, mostly that friendship has always lasted. Contact me via email at adoforexpats@mail.com with any questions you may have.

A huge thank you to Pijnacker01 for making the video.