The National Theatre in The Hague is proud to present a series of fantastic plays during the Explore Festival 2019.

Explore Festival is a series of internationally-acclaimed dance and theatre performances from faraway regions overseas will be held in March 2019 – the festival spans 7 major cities so check the website if you can’t make a date in The Hague! The festival presents a snapshot of leading-edge world theatre, full of surprising perspectives, challenging opinions and crystal-clear vistas, accompanied by an extensive fringe programme.

Explore Festival offers a window on the world, with a daring series of dance, theatre and performance and sends a fresh breeze through Dutch theatre, casting a surprising new light on our thoughts, codes and aesthetics.

The makers who have been invited are distinguished by their unique language, where true stories, political or personal motives provide the basis for theatre with an urgency which penetrates into the very fibre of one’s being. Explore Festival presents a choice of four performances which do not merely provide an unexpected perspective on current issues, but showcase new styles and forms.

Explore Festival is a follow-up to ‘Get Lost’/‘Ervaar Daar Hier’ which toured theatres with a selection of performances between 2012 and 2016. The programme of this new festival comes out of the suitcases of the participating theatres’ programmers who are convinced of the importance and necessity of keeping in touch with international developments and decided to join forces. Explore Festival is the result of a unique collaboration, never seen before, between 10 distinguished Dutch theatres.


The performances at HNT Den Haag are as follows:

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