May 18, 2019 @ 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Den Haag
Fascination of Plants Day 2019

On the Plein in The Hague is a large greenhouse with fascinating stories about plants and seeds. Do you also come to listen, research, experience, taste, learn, admire, experience, discover and feel why plants and seeds are so fascinating and important?

Many stories can be told about what plants can and can do. You will hear these stories during the international Fascination of Plants Day. Discover how powerful plants are, learn where the products originally come from and see how plants adapt to climate change.

Celebrate the birthday of the plant
Because plants are so important, they also deserve a separate day to celebrate. That is why the international Fascination of Plants Day exists on May 18. A day on which plants are put in the spotlight.

What is there to do? 
In the greenhouse you will find seventeen fascinating stories about plants. Turn the cubes and find the right combinations between old and new products. Do you dare to walk into the vault and discover which seed is more expensive than gold? Do you know where the potato or the blueberry originally came from? How does different plant seed feel and do you know which plants grow from which seed? Suck up water with a two-meter long straw. Do you have the strength for that? And of course there are also products to taste. A plant that tastes like licorice, anise or garlic. Do you dare?

International attention for the plant 
The international Fascination of Plants Day is celebrated annually in more than 40 countries. On this day, attention is asked for the importance of plants for society. The world of plants is bigger than you think. Many building materials, plastics and fuels are also made from plants. Even more important: even the air we now breathe comes from plants. Plants and flowers determine to a large extent what our lives look like. And every plant starts with a seed. A whole world is hidden behind that seed. In the Netherlands alone, thousands of people are working on it every day. We develop new varieties, make plants and flowers stronger, more beautiful, tastier and healthier. We have been doing this for more than 10,000 years.

Seeds and young plants 
The greenhouse is made possible by Dutch companies that work with seeds and young plants. There are around 350 in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is a world leader when it comes to plants. The whole world is watching our sector. This is not surprising, because we work on new innovations on a daily basis that make our world better and more beautiful to a greater or lesser extent.