March 6, 2018 @ 3:00 pm
Various venues
Festival Dag in de Branding @ Various venues

Dag in de Branding Festival: sensational and trendsetting

In the space of ten years the Dag in de Branding Festival has grown into one of the most pre-eminent festivals for new music in the Netherlands. Dag in de Branding organizes four one-day programmes a year, where concerts are put on at various locations in The Hague. The festival reflects current developments in classical and improvised music, in music theatre, in jazz and pop music, as well as in opera and electronic music.

Saskia Lankhoorn is the curator of the festival since the summer of 2017.The multifaceted and idiosyncratic pianist Saskia Lankhoorn (1979) plays an active role in the international contemporary music scene for both solo and chamber music.

EDITION 47 / 10 MAR 2018

Edition 47

To zero in on music now – that is Saskia Lankhoorn’s aim. It is her programming that will shape festival Dag in de Branding for two seasons, and she certainly realizes her ambition in this edition.

It promises to be a festival full of premieres, written by composers from all corners of the world. Saskia has chosen pieces with contemporary themes and crossovers with theatre, which are often given an extra dimension through live electronics. She is even taking the audience to a new location, a power plant (Electriciteitsfabriek), which is a rugged yet poetic spot that has quickly become the darling of Hague-based artists.