Working with glass is working with light

Do you love glass art and do you want to learn how to make it? Get to know the age-old technique or glass art with the Louis Comfort Tiffany method. We are going to work with color, transparency, texture and light!

Glass Art for those from 16 to 99 years old

The course is suitable for beginners and advanced students. Both Dutch and English spoken. (Teacher is native English speaker.)

What do you learn during the Glass Art course?

We go step by step: selecting tools, glass and colors, cutting glass, grinding and fitting, wrapping pieces of glass in copper foil, and then soldering and finally framing and finishing.

What is the lesson form?

The lessons are given in groups. Each course consists of a block or twelve lessons. Are you a beginner? Then we’ll start with a simple design. With this you’ll learn basic techniques. Once that is completed you will work on your own project and will be guided individually. After gaining knowledge about the basic techniques, there’s room to create your own designs.

What should you purchase or take with you to the Glass Art course?

You do not have to purchase anything in advance. In the course you buy a starter package that consists of a number of materials and supplies for the first assignments. The cost for this is € 60. Pay in cash at the first lesson.

In addition, it is recommended to bring a work apron. Do not wear open shoes.

Apply now!

Apply via the registration button on the website.

Application is per block or 12 lessons. In the coming seasons you can participate on Friday evening. There is also a block on Friday morning that starts in September. For the precise starting moments, click on the arrow below the register button.