January 4, 2018 @ 8:00 pm
Koningsade 1
The Hague

Larger than ever, more beautiful than ever. The Groot Kerstcircus Den Haag will soon begin. World stars from the circus world will shine in a brand new tent in Malieveld. Groot Kerstcircus Den Haag presents a performance in the traditions of the Circus Festival of Monte Carlo and the famous Billy Smarts Christmas Circus.

Groot Kerstcircus Den Haag presents pure world sensations. Special performances are taken out of the closet to give you an unforgettable afternoon or evening with the whole family. Enjoy sensational acrobatics, award-winning comedy and the latest special effects.

Groot Kerstcircus The Hague unites the best of the international circus world in the arena. The circus is unique in the Netherlands. There will also be live music and beautiful showgirls will support the show. Click on this link, where you will find an overview of all the performers. Do not miss the show!


Show Times

Date Show 1
Show 2
Friday, December 22 20:00 (premiere)
Saturday, December 23 11:30 15:00
Sunday, December 24 10:30 14:00
Monday, December 25th 11:30 15:00
Tuesday, December 26th 11:30 15:00
Wednesday, December 27 11:30 15:00
Thursday, December 28 11:30 15:00 (private)
Friday December 29th 11:30 15:00
Saturday, December 30 11:30 15:00
Sunday 31 December 14:00
Monday, January 1st No shows No shows
Tuesday, January 2 11:30 15:00
Wednesday, January 3 11:30 15:00
Thursday, January 4 11:30 15:00
Friday, January 5 15:00
Saturday, January 6 11:30 15:00
Sunday, January 7 11:30 OUT OF STOCK