Hadewych Minis, Matangi Quartet and others – Hadewych Does The Ladies (concert)

  • date / time: Wednesday, February 19, 2020 – 8:15 pm
  • event title: Hadewych Does The Ladies
  • admission price: € 27.50 including drink and guarded wardrobe
  • discounted price Delftpas, Uitpas, Prometheus, CJP and Student: € 25.50


An ode to the Dutch singers from then and now
After the successful one woman show “Minis Plus” – which, among other things, brought her to a sold-out Carré – Hadewych Minis returns with “Hadewych Doet De Dames”. In this theater concert, Hadewych sings more than a century of songs in her own unique way and in that way brings a passionate ode to the Dutch singers.

Over the past 75 years, around 250 Dutch singers have toured the Dutch stages. Taken together, they were good for around 12,500 songs, all of which are part of our rich music history. In this music, Hadewych looks for songs that touch her, typify time images, for forgotten pearls that we can all sing along and for lyrics that have lost none of their power of expression. Accompanied by the Matangi Quartet, supplemented for the occasion by bass player / arranger Marijn van Proijen and drummer Leon Klaasse, nostalgia, hits and forgotten pearls alternate in a succession of played and sung monologues. Meet 22 women through Hadewych singing their complaints, pouring out their hearts, celebrating life or simply saying they love something or someone on Wednesday, February 19. For more information and ordering tickets, visit the website.