December 7, 2017 @ 7:30 pm
World Forum
Churchillplein 10
The Hague
Hans Klok - House of Horror @ World Forum

Candles flicker…Mist arises from beneath the stage…On the balcony a lady in black disappears behind a curtain..THE THEATRE IS HAUNTED!

Famous Illusionists from the past are after Hans Klok! They refuse to accept him in their magic circle and insist on remaining rulers in their inscrutable realm of secrets. Hans Klok is not afraid of his rivals. Supported by his mysterious brides, he faces the legendary masters of the past.

Are the cards stacked against him?

In a thrilling show, Hans is constantly threatened by his murderous pursuers. Who will win this sinister game in Hans Klok’s House of Horror?

Numerous new illusions showcase a fearless Hans Klok fighting back. The audience – who have an active and special role – will see a completely new Hans Klok in this chilling show. Revolutionary projections and special effects transport the audience to a mystical world where nothing is as it seems.

Hans Klok’s House of Horror tests and exceeds the limits of illusionist art. In this large-scale family show, Horror fans of all ages are regaled with freakish and fantastical creatures like fakirs, witches, trolls and other unearthly creations.

The program includes international award-winning circus acts and of course the “master of magic” himself. His many shapes and appearances will haunt you for a long time to come.

Tickets 0900 33 11 333 (€0.45 P.M.) or hansklok.nl/tickets

Photo credit: Andy Doornhein