January 11, 2018 @ 8:30 pm
Korzo Theater
Prinsestraat 42
The Hague

The internationally acclaimed Hotel Modern impressively brings stories to life using mock-ups, mini-cameras, and animations. In their latest performance, Banaan and Oestermes, a museum made of cardboard rises up. Everything produced by mankind is exhibited in this museum: from toilet brushes and peanut butter jars to a collection of soldier’s helmets and remains of human bones.

Three insane attendants are hard at work, trying to take inventory and categorize the enormous mountain of stuff. In doing so they make fascinating still-life pictures, discover the connection between cauliflower and shower sponges, and squeeze poetry from a bottle of toilet cleaner. In their dizzying search, they discover the fiercely churning source of human intelligence and creativity.

Photo Credits: Bas Czerwinski