July 20, 2019 @ 12:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Het Koorenhuis
Prinsegracht 27
2512 EW Den Haag
I Know a Man who Knew a World Without Plastic @ Het Koorenhuis

Learning how a plastic soup grows in our oceans, how virtually all living creatures eat plastic on a daily basis, it is hard to believe the first plastic grocery bag was introduced in the US in 1979.
Half a lifetime ago. It is difficult nót to know, or be, someone that knows a world without plastic.

Yet most people – while recognizing the problem – consider the plastic soup we brewed, if not irreversible, too big to solve individually. Many companies believe they will lose a competitive edge if they package their products in less pretty or more expensive biodegradable materials.

So nothing happens. Everyone waits until someone else solves the problem. A bit silly, because everybody is that someone. We are the only ones that can solve the problem, as we created it.
It took a mere 40 years.

The World Wildlife Fund and Academy Zahara invite you to help finding a way to achieve that paradigm shift. Not to get rid of plastic, but to take it out of the environment and the food chain. We are not the only generation to inhabit this planet.

Entrance for visitors who register in advance is free. Visit the website or email info@academyzahara.com for more. The facebook event can be found HERE.