September 21, 2018 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Haagse Kunstkring
Denneweg 64
The Hague
'I was already there. I had already come in.' by Peter DeJong @ Haagse Kunstkring @ Haagse Kunstkring

Absurdist stories by Belcampo told by actor Piet van der Pas and visualized by visual artist Peter Dejong

The performance ‘I was already there. I had already come in’ is an exuberant and disruptive interplay of theater and visual art. Actor Piet van der Pas and visual artist Peter Dejong together play five absurdist stories by Belcampo. In July they brought this performance in beach club De Fuut, where an enthusiastic audience welcomed them three nights in a row on a prolonged and noisy applause.

‘Whimsical jumps of a lively spirit’ Menno ter Braak called the work of Belcampo. For example, Van der Pas and Dejong also put his stories up. They entice the public with bizarre worlds that also coincide with ‘normal reality’. That starts with the man who gets on the train and suddenly sees himself sitting there. He had already stepped in.

The five stories are seamlessly strung together. A physician must deliver a giantess, imagined as a powerful hilly landscape in which it is easy to get lost, of a child larger than himself. A man accidentally cuts off his own finger. He eats it in misery. What did he start with?

The decor constantly changes and evolves with the stories. If the head of a decapitated king is to act as the head of state, the theater image suddenly conjures up associations with the madness of Frankenstein’s laboratory. And it culminates in a self-created universe that brings nothing but loneliness. An appropriate and blistering final apotheosis.

Access to members and Friends of The Hague Art Circle and CJP € 7, non-members € 10 (Stork pass 50%). Reservations by e-mail or tel. 070 3647585. No presale, tickets on the door; walk-in starting at 19.30.