July 6, 2019 – September 1, 2019 all-day
Ice-tastic Spectacle @ MECC Maastricht

The International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival in Harbin, China, is the largest ice spectacle in the world. This coming summer, this world-famous ice festival, on a smaller scale (+ 2,000 m2), will settle in MECC Maastricht. Under the name “World of Frozen Dreams”, World Ice Entertainment will organize this event with exceptional public value at MECC Maastricht. Never before has such a huge ice show been organized in the Netherlands. In the preparation phase, approximately 35 Chinese artists from Harbin will transform 7,000 blocks of ice into a dream world of snow and ice with the underwater world as the central theme. The ice spectacle is open to the public in July and August. The organization expects a total of between 120,000 and 150,000 visitors.

World of Frozen Dreams
The World Tour of Frozen Dreams is a traveling ice spectacle that brings this world-famous ice festival to other places in the world, in varying settings and themes. This festival has been taking place in Harbin, China for decades. Approximately 35 Chinese ice artists from Harbin work for a month creating this magical world full of ice sculptures, slides and interactive components in a specially cooled room. Visitors receive free clothing, to be used when visiting the cooled hall, to cope with the difference in outside temperature to -10 ° C degrees. The well-known long Chinese coats were chosen for this. The production of ice sculptures is carried out by ice makers from China of Hei longjiang Ice & Snow Art Development Co. Ltd, which have organized events in many cities in Asia and the United States. A wide range of merchandising will be available to the public. Various catering outlets will be set up and for sponsors there are opportunities to use the 200 m2 room (room temperature) for lunches, dinners or gatherings within the cooled room. Various B2B events will be organized and delegations from China are expected.