March 16, 2019 all-day
Jazz op 't Dak @ World Forum

On 16 March 2019 something special will happen! Jazz will be heard once again at World Forum The Hague. There will be several jazz performances in the big hall (King Willem-Alexander) and on the rooftop of the World Forum in honour of the 50th anniversary of The Hague conference location.

This event is specially organized to celebrate the 50th anniversary of World Forum. A grand event for the residents of The Hague and everyone else who has a connection to this iconic building. Michiel Middendorf, World Forum The Hague: ‘Of course, part of this event is also jazz, it is not for nothing that jazz sounded through our building for more than 30 years. Many memories of our visitors arise from this event. Then we would like to give our visitors a nice memory one more time! ‘

Jazz in the largest theater in the Netherlands

Especially for 16 March there are two beautiful moments where our visitors can listen to jazz. Harrison Young will perform from 13.00-14.15. Last year, the American played with his jazz band at Jazz in the Gracht and Nacht van de Kaap. With Koen Herfst, who will also be there on 16 March, and Paul Quinn (Saxon) he built a rock & roll album and with his ‘Rock to Jazz’ cover show he has toured half the planet. Hans Dulfer is also on the stage of World Forum, after playing at North Sea Jazz nine times, he performs a unique performance that special for the 50th anniversary.

Jazz on ‘t Dak

Jazz op ‘t Dak begins at 2.30 pm with a quintet of jazz veterans who have witnessed the North Sea Jazz Festival in The Hague and young talents who have earned their place in the jazz world. At 15.30 there is a jam session with various artists, including Eric Ineke, Peter Beets and Simon Rigter.

Practical information: at 14.30 the doors of Jazz op ‘t Dak will open, from 14.15 you can go up to the roof. There will be a maximum number of visitors allowed on the roof for safety reasons, so please be on time if you want to be at these unique performances. In bad weather conditions all performances go ahead in the alternative location of Atlantic Hall. Jazz op ‘t Dak is unfortunately not fully wheelchair accessible.

Find more information and ticket info on the website.