October 16, 2019 @ 7:30 pm

On November 16 and 23, Kamerkoor Kwintessens presents its new program Lifting The Veil. A special program of ancient and contemporary music in which the veil between the perceptible and the non-observable world is lifted. What lies behind that is wonderful…

In the program Lifting The Veil, music is sung by David Lang, John Sheppard, Anna Thorvaldsdottir, Arvo Pärt and Bernat Vivancos, among others.

The choir
Chamber choir Kwintessens was founded in 2005 by conductor Raoul Boesten. Housed in The Hague, the choir consists of 25 singers. With always appealing programs, the choir has built up a large repertoire over the years and Kwintessens often impresses its audience with more than just beautiful music. The choir is known for creating an experience that touches the soul.

Lifting The Veil
This program is about the observable and the non-observable. Two worlds that are inextricably linked. Separated by a veil, man has always known the desire to know what it is like “on the other side.” And from time to time it manages to lift a tip of the veil and that world reveals itself. Non-dual, wonderful, unprecedented …
With Lifting The Veil, Kwintessens seeks this experience and takes its audience on an unusual journey.

What is special about the November concerts is that two compositions have been written especially for this program by Bernat Vivancos and Diederik van der Laag. Kwintessens feels very honored to be able to premiere these pieces.

The concerts
– November 16 – Old church – Keizerstraat 8 in Scheveningen – starting at 8:15 PM
– November 23 – Noorderker – Schuytstraat 9 in The Hague – starting at 8:15 PM

On both days the church opens at 7:30 PM. Tickets for € 15 can be ordered online at www.kamerkoorkwintessens.nl