January 2005, a group of friendly singers get together. They want to sing more and Raoul Boesten is asked to start a choir. He does that!

This is how Kwerkess Kwintessens came into existence 15 years ago. Kwintessens can no longer be ignored in the landscape of Dutch choirs and the choir has built up a special reputation with an ever-growing audience.

Multidisciplinary performances such as Vishartslag and Amor with dancers, actors and instrumentalists were given. An exceptional meeting with Arvo Pärt around his masterpiece Adam’s Lament. In addition, there were collaborations with composers such as Pärt Uusberg, Tõnu Kõrvits, Alec Roth and Bernat Vivancos. A choir that seeks the challenge and constantly tries to renew itself.

A concert by Kamerkoor Kwintessens, you must have been there once. The choir is known for its special and impressive programs. A Kwintessens concert is more than just beautiful music. It is an experience that touches the soul.

The anniversary concert program was created in a special way. The choir members were asked which pieces they have the best memories of from the 30 programs that Kwintessens sang. Raoul Boesten has compiled a program from this list: “The best of 15 years of Kwintessens” A concert with the most beautiful compositions by Eric Whitacre, Pärt Uusberg, Joby Talbot and Arvo Pärt. At the end of the evening, another 40 singers join. All former choir members, who have sung in Kwintessens for the past 15 years. With this large choir the spectacular Cloudburst work by Eric Whitacre is performed. A piece that breaks the sky as the final of this anniversary!