February 12, 2019 @ 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Politiek Café
ProDemos studio
Hofweg 1
Den Haag
Long Live the Political Movement?: A Workshop @ Politiek Café

Please note this event is in Dutch

What is the difference between a political party and a political movement? Are they a fundamentally different form of politics or is it mainly rhetoric? Guests at the ProDemos Politiek Café on Tuesday 12 February are René Cuperus (de Volkskrant), Jeroen Postma (GroenLinks) and Devika Partiman (Voice on a Woman).

Admission to the Politiek Café, at ProDemos in The Hague, is free.

From political party to movement?
The political movement is on the rise. Both in the Netherlands and abroad, more and more alternatives to traditional political parties have emerged in recent years.

In the Netherlands Thierry Baudet leads the Forum for Democracy, according to the ‘only political movement’ in the Netherlands. But if it is up to Jesse Klaver, GroenLinks is also a movement. With the number of members of both parties, despite the downward trend, it is doing well.

But what exactly is a political movement? And how does a movement of a political party differ? Can every political party transform itself into movement? Is there a shift in the way voters commit themselves to political organizations? Or is ‘movement’ primarily a buzzword that new and old groups can use to compete with the existing political structure?

About these questions and more in the ProDemos Political Café on 12 February.

René Cuperus is a political analyst and columnist at de Volkskrant. He is also affiliated with institute Clingendael
Jeroen Postma is chairman of GroenLinks and a lecturer at Erasmus University Rotterdam
Devika Partiman is founder of Stem on a Woman
The evening is under the direction of Victor Vlam.