March 31, 2018 @ 8:30 pm

His name is synonymous with Funk Music, his pedigree impeccable; his band: the tightest little funk orchestra on earth. Quite simply, there is no better living showman than Maceo Parker. Catching one of the alto sax maestro’s marathon shows is a truly transcendent experience for any fan of funk, jazz, hip-hop, R&B and soul: His performances are never disappointing, always worth the money, and a funky, funky good time. Maceo Parker is a funk titan. His body of work is as important to the genre as those belonging to James Brown, George Clinton and Bootsy Collins, all of whom have collaborated with Parker. On a broader level, Parker must be regarded as simply one of the all-time great saxophonists. He stretched the boundaries of music, fashioned a new style of playing and, most importantly, made some truly great music.


Maceo Parker knows how to distinguish himself with extraordinary musicality and pure ambition. This tireless saxophonist has put an indelible stamp on soul, funk and jazz. Maceo Parker knew how to reach a wide public with his special sound due to his collaboration with soul and jazz artists like James Brown, George Clinton and Bootsy Collins, and live contributions with pop groups like Living Colour, Bryan Ferrym The Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Dave Matthews Band. Maceo Parker’s music seems to be a huge inspiration in the hip hop scene and is one of the most sampled artists ever. The best comes into him when he is on stage, when his limitless energy and passion set loose and when he drags in the whole crowd.


Maceo Parker has a swirling solo career for the last two decennia, in which he educates a new generation of funk with his fresh and diverse music. He navigates effortlessly between 60s soul, 70s freaky funk, mellow jazz  and hip hop. An artist we are happy to see at our own Paard stage.

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