May 24, 2019 @ 8:15 pm
The Hague
Mahler's 5th from Residentie Orkest @ Zuiderstrandtheater

On Saturday the 25th of May the Residentie Orkest The Hague will play Mahler’s Fifth. It will be a special, inspiring evening in the Zuiderstrandtheater in The Hague with a Masterclass by conductor Nicholas Collon and five unique thinkers – writer Abdelkader Benali, influencer Vivianne Bendermacher, cultural scientist Jaswina Bihari-Elahi, philosopher René ten Bos and psychologist Laura Steenbergen – who will, in response to Mahler’s masterpiece and together with the audience, deal with the big questions of life.

What am I doing in this world? Where are we going? What is love? Often you have no answers, just questions. That is exactly what Mahler does to you. Be enchanted by his fifth symphony. It swallows you up, pulls you into the deep and thoroughly shakes you. In a symphonic trip where time and space don’t seem to exist, you leave everyday life behind and are challenged to think big. Mahler does not answer. Mahler asks the question. The big question. Allow yourself the time and space and go on a search for your big questions.

To guide you through your leap into the depths of Mahler 5 on the 25th of May, a special counsel was established: The Mahler Five. Five unique thinkers – all of them heavyweights in their field – who do not shy away from asking the big life questions. In fact, they sometimes even dare venture into formulating an answer. At the start of the evening, The Five will prepare you prior to the concert, so you can start the concert inspired. Afterwards they will dive right into the big questions together with you.

Writer Abdelkader Benali will take on the big question: Do I want to live forever? Doctor in Cognitive Psychology Laura Steenbergen wonders: Is happiness the meaning of life? De big question of René ten Bos, Thinker Laureate is: Why am I not satisfied? For Vivianne Bendermacher, influencer technology and lifestyle, a large part of her skills and experience comes together in the question: Can my future partner be a robot? And Cultural Scientist Jaswina Bihari-Elahi is the right person for the question: How unique am I? Stimulating questions, which will probably result in more question marks than answers, but guarantee a fascinating, musical evening philosophizing about life.