October 6, 2018 @ 11:25 am – January 26, 2019 @ 12:25 pm
Meet and Greet Influencers at COMM

From 6 October, young people and their parents, for 16 weeks, can meet with popular influencers every weekend and learn from them. YouTube heroes like Gio, La Melanie and parents Latooy, Kalvijn, GameMeneer, XLinktijger give Meet & Greets and live sessions. Under the heading #IBTS ‘Influencers Behind the Scenes’ there is a substantive route in the museum about the ‘ins & outs’ of this influencer world. #IBTS is officially opened Saturday, October 13 at 2:00 pm by the Latooy family.

Influencers: the idols now

Where the previous generation went crazy about boybands, young people nowadays are fans of #influencers and #creators. These are brand specialists with a very special brand; himself. Through social media they have created a fanbase that follows them daily. Following influencers is more useful than it seems at first. By looking at these influencers, young people learn how they can relate to others. Identity development is central to this age category and therefore young people are emotionally involved. Social influencers are, through their large fanbase, a valuable channel for marketers to reach young people. It’s serious business!

#IBTS route

COMM and Fanfiber have put together the #IBTS route in the museum in order to tell the story behind it, together with a number of well-known influencers. Influencers Behind The Scenes!
What is involved in influencing? Who is following you and why are they just following you? How do you ensure optimal interaction with your target group? Why do companies approach you and with which companies are you or are not going to work? What influence do the influencers have on young people? How do they deal with this themselves? You will find out in the #IBTS route.
The #IBTS route can be seen from 6 October to 31 January in COMM.