Already 794 neighbourhoods in South Holland have registered for ‘Burendag’, a day to get together with your neighbours and share a coffee. Nearly 5300 activities have already been registered throughout the country for the fourteenth edition. Burendag activities happen in 98% of Dutch municipalities. Douwe Egberts and the Oranje Fonds organise Burendag every year on the fourth Saturday of September, which this year falls on 28 September.

The organisers can already say that the enthusiasm is very big again. The budget that is available for Office Day activities has been requested in full. It is still possible to request a Burendag package. People receive this package when they register their neighbourhood before 1 September via Every year, participating neighbourhoods can request a contribution from the Oranje Fonds for their Burendag activity. To be eligible for this contribution, the activity must ensure that neighbours connect with each other.

A social neighbourhood contributes to safety
Douwe Egberts and the Oranje Fonds have set up Burendag to bring neighbours closer together. The day originated from the idea that neighbourhoods become cozier, more social and safer when neighbours know each other. Every year thousands of neighbourhoods come together for fun activities but also to do something good for the neighbourhood. Such as planting a herb garden, placing a picnic bench or having a conversation while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Helping hand
This year the organisers are going to give a number of neighbourhoods a helping hand. In neighbourhoods where there is little connection and the need for more social contact, but where the neighbourhood itself cannot get a Burenday off the ground, Oranje Fonds and Douwe Egberts will support neighbourhood residents in organizing an activity. With this they hope to bring even more people together on 28 September.

John Brands, Jacobs Douwe Egberts Netherlands general manager: “It’s great to see that so many Office Day activities have already been registered. As a result of the mutual contact between neighbours, existing ties are strengthened but also new ones are forged. Douwe Egberts wants to lower the threshold to bring neighbours closer together. That is why this year we are going to give neighbours a helping hand in neighbourhoods where there is less contact. In this way we hope to generate positive impact with Burendag.

Peter Douwes, Orange Fund director: “Connection, that is what Burendag is all about. This year we want to make sure that as many neighbours as possible get to know each other. Because if you know each other, you have more understanding for each other, you look more closely at each other and you are ready for each other sooner. I would therefore like to invite everyone to participate. That is already possible in a very low-threshold way, for example by drinking a cup of coffee together. ”

Together we have already reached over 1 million people
In 2006 Douwe Egberts organised the first edition of Burendag with 300,000 participants, after which the Oranje Fonds joined in 2008 as a co-host. Since 2006, neighbourhoods have held more than 36,000 office day activities. More than 1 million people now participate every year. Neighbours can request a Burendag package via This can be until September 1 or as long as stocks last.