June 11, 2018 @ 7:00 pm
Hop & Stork



Hop & Stork opens its doors for  four very special evenings. Indulge your senses, join us for this surprising experience. Be entertained and combine eating chocolate in the dark in an intimate setting whilst  enjoying the exhibition of the innovative art works  the “Origin & Light-Series” by the internationally renowned artist Maryolga NietoInvitation.

Be entertained by the guitar performance of  the virtuoso Joaquim Rosa and  combining  eating chocolate in the dark in an intimate setting with the original art works Origin & Light- Series by the internationally renowned Venezuelan artist Maryolga Nieto.

Seating  is limited per evening. Please, reserve now! The evening includes two drinks and a delicious chocolate degustation  as well as the guitar performance and the art exhibition.

Hope to see you there! Please reserve your evening ahead of time.

Below are  the links to reserve your place for this unique event.