Funds raised go to Project Africa 2019, a charity which sends money to Ndege School in Kenya’s Rift Valley. The team of 30 Year 12 children from The British School in The Netherlands leaves for Ndege on July 12th and returns on August 6th. The focus this year is to build an additional classroom to provide a warm and dry room to replace a classroom made of sticks with a dirt floor. 
Additionally, they plan to reduce the cost of running the breakfast programme by building a biogas generator to provide gas for the kitchen and to provide solar panels for the computer laboratory at the secondary school to reduce their reliance on the grid.
Funds for a warm breakfast will be provided yet again for the coming 12 months as well as the provision of a deworming programme. This is the 10 anniversary of BSN’s involvement at this school and now more children actually go to school there than 10 years ago. The Kenyan parents also see the worth of the project. The children have been raising funds for months now and are well on the way to achieving the target. Parents are now stepping in and the event is being run by a very hard working team of volunteers.