November 10, 2018 – November 11, 2018 all-day
Overstock Day in the Hofkwartier

The entrepreneurs of the Hofkwartier are once again showing their most fun and creative side!

All participating entrepreneurs, recognizable by a (weatherproof) cardboard box with overstock stickers in the flagpole or on their doorstep, can participate in their own companies or with their own tables or stalls in front of their doors. Everything they want to get rid of (overstock) is on offer! For example, fashion designers have overstock from; show models, clothes, zippers, used scissors, but also the collection of the season before. Bag makers may have leftovers of leather, an old sewing machine or bags with a small color difference. The hotels can offer old collections of porcelain, bed linen or even their old beds for sale. Restaurants sell their silverware, glassware or old oil and vinegar sets. Previous collections fashion, glasses, shoes, leftovers from the supplier but also the antique chair from your grandmother’s house that has been in the way for years. Nothing is too crazy, everything is possible!

But that’s not all. Last year there was a choice of mini workshops, tastings, activities and small performances. We would like to strengthen that part so that entrepreneurs who have nothing left can show what they are good at and entrepreneurs who want to make overstock days even more enjoyable that they can do to their heart’s content. Everything, to show how nice and special it is in our Hofkwartier.