July 13, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – July 22, 2018 @ 7:00 pm
Parade: Summer Festival across the Netherlands

The famous travelling theatre festival known as De Parade has announced their full line up for 2018!

Over 80 artists and performers are taking part in solo performances, group dances, music events and everything in between. With a varied program every day in every city, there is something for everyone at every turn. Starting on June 29 in Rotterdam, the event moves to The Hague on June 13 and then continues its travels after the 22 July.

Biggest ever children’s parade

There are more than 20 performances at this year’s KinderParade! The Dutch Language Show is back on stage with a show full exciting language games around the theme of friends. The dolls of Duda Paiva Company present a cross-over of dance and puppetry in a performance full of slapstick, where nothing is what it seems. Hurricane marches along with the Ebonit Saxophone Quartet in a compelling musical procession full of laughs. Lonneke van Leth Productions presents a humorous dance theater performance around their modern fairy tale ‘Assepoes’. The Parade Museum will also be opening its doors! Eye Film Museum presents travels across the country in eight large screens, taking all viewers back in time to when the parade began. The films are wonderful, colourful and hugely varied from circus stories to fairytales.

The KinderPrade Program can be found HERE

More than theater: mixed genres in the Parade program
A mix of disciplines provide a hugely varied program this summer: Sander van de Pavert presents his performance Lucky Foundation Television in the theater. Photographer Jan Dirk van der Burg (Volkskrant Magazine) and dancer Flavia Faas mix in their own disruptive musical photo spectacle of photography and dance. In AMORRA melts Studio AMORRA play, visuals and sound design together into an audiovisual trip of extraterrestrial dimensions. Big Night Productions uses the Parade area and the visitors as setting for their performance, another must-see example of art and creativity. The most beautiful years of our life and society SEXYLAND, the well-known conceptual club at NSDMwerf in Amsterdam Noord, is also here for the first time at the event. Every hour there is another owner at SEXYLAND, the owner at that moment determines what kind of venue it is! Young, old, punk, opera, funny, not so funny…

On top of all that, radio presenter and podcaster Chris Baijema is interviewing people to hear about their unforgettable  Parade stories for a podcast and video series which can be listened to and viewed at the event

Deaf interpreter ensures more freedom 
Starting this year, a sign language interpreter can be ‘picked’ for a performance optionally. In this way there is more freedom for the deaf and the hearing impaired to visit a performance. There is one in every city fixed Saturday when this is possible.

Dates and times
The Parade opens every day at 14:00 and entry is free until 15:00. After this time, entry is €7.50 for over 18s and free for under 18s. On the first Friday, everyone is welcomed in from 18:00 and there is no free ticket. Dates are as follows:

• Rotterdam, Museum Park: Friday 29 June to Sunday 8 July
• The Hague, Westbroekpark: Friday 13 July – Sunday 22 July
• Utrecht, Moreelsepark: Friday 27 July – Sunday 12 August
• Amsterdam, Martin Luther King Park: Friday 17 August – Sunday 2 September

Don’t forget! This event moves from Rotterdam, through The Hague, to Utrecht and finishes in Amsterdam – there’s plenty of time to catch it between now and September!

More information and tickets can be found HERE