Paranormal Alternative has been a household name since 1996 and has developed into the largest spiritual exhibition in the Benelux.

This fair takes place 5 times a year, each edition of which has a different theme. O ntmoet known online mediums or psychics on TV and visit many free lectures and workshops. In addition, there is an interactive forum for all your life questions at the end of the day! A small selection of the disciplines that can be found during Paranormal Alternative. 

When you visit De Broodfabriek, you can also enjoy a nice breakfast, drink, snack or lunch. For example, there are various eateries on our Horeca Plaza and on the exhibition floor. Take a seat on one of our terraces or enjoy a nice walk through the former factory halls.

In short, Paranormal Alternative is: the largest exhibition in the field of spirituality, awareness and the intangible. Five times a year one of the exhibition halls of De Broodfabriek ( 5000 m2 ) is transformed into a Paranormal Alternative.

The hall is then filled with:

  • 300 market stalls ( 3 x 1 m + roofs + floor covering + lighting)!
  • 250 exhibitors who offer their services to the visitors with great enthusiasm!
  • 6 workshop rooms with free lectures, demonstrations, workshops and concerts to follow!
  • 4000 fantastic visitors!
  • 5 different catering points with an oven-fresh selection!