On the 29 March 2019, the UK says ‘’so long and thanks for all the fish’’ to the EU and, of course, The Netherlands.

A protest has been organised in London to demand a people’s vote on the issue; the ‘Put it to the People’ march. Not everyone is able to travel to London for the march, so British in the Netherlands would like to invite you to a picnic in Vondelpark, Amsterdam, to celebrate Dutch-British and European friendship; on Saturday 23 March at 13:00; ‘Picnic with the People’.

The picnic will be at the same time that British Citizens resident in the EU27 and EU27 citizens resident in the UK will be marching, with many hundreds of thousands of others, in London.

So please bring your picnic hamper, your family, your Dutch friends especially and your European friends.

Bring pro-EU placards and banners. Bring EU flags and country flags of different EU nations. Bring ‘Vriendschap’ and ‘I <3 NL’ balloons, pictures or T-shirts. Let’s make this picnic colourful!

Please also bring a few yellow roses to display on your picnic blanket or wear a yellow rose pinned to your shirt. The yellow rose represents ‘friendship’ and has also been adopted as a sign of solidarity toward EU citizens who are resident in the UK.

We hope that you will be able to join us and have a fun, European friendship afternoon.

Meet us in Vondelpark at Picasso’s Figure Découpée(“vissenbeeld”) – look for the British in the Netherlands banner.

Please note that Eventbrite will email a ticket to your specified email address because that is their ‘default’, but no ticket actually needs to be presented on the day.