She’s comin ‘up so you better get this party started! P! Nk has her heart on the tongue and can rightly be called a pop queen. Her songs are hugely catchy with lyrics that can come out sharply and in which she does not shy away from statements about social problems. And with songs that are located in a mix between pop, rock and r & b, she still towers above the crowd like the voice of her generation and beyond. Her live shows are one big spectacle full of choreography that almost resembles acrobatics and her immensely powerful voice that blows you away.



The Malieveld is easily accessible by car. The organization has reserved several parking spaces for the event. Buy a parking ticket in advance, which is cheaper than the regular parking fee. Pay attention! These tickets are valid on Sunday 11 August from 1 pm on the car parks designated by the organization. Depending on the traffic, you will be guided to the best available parking space. Follow the yellow signs and matrix signs “Concert Malieveld” on the approach roads of The Hague and do not let your navigation guide you! Included in the ticket is possibly transport by tram or shuttle bus to within walking distance of the Malieveld. Parking stewards are available at each parking location to guide you. Take into account an extra journey time (about 30 minutes) from the parking areas to the event grounds.

Public transport

The Malieveld is easily accessible by public transport. When planning your return journey, take account of waiting times for the 20-minute station.