Popronde is a nationwide traveling festival that takes place every autumn in the period from September to November in around 40 cities throughout the country. In 2019 Popronde will settle in 41 cities: from Leeuwarden to Middelburg, from Venlo to Alkmaar and from Deventer to The Hague, no city is safe! In each city, approximately 35 emerging Dutch bands and artists perform at around twenty stages on one evening. The participating venues are cafes, galleries, theaters, record stores, churches and clubs in the center of a city. One evening a year they are the showcase for the new generation of pop musicians and the center is the festival site.

Popronde is freely accessible in every city!

Popronde is for (as yet) unknown bands the opportunity to present themselves outside their own region and gain intensive touring and playing experience. The programming is not tied to a music style and gives an overview of what is happening in the Netherlands – outside the mainstream. From metal to hip hop, from singer-songwriters to drum and bass, from rock to blues, almost every genre is represented. Every year, around 140 bands are selected from around 1300 registrations. The Popronde is a showcase festival and certainly contains no competition element!

The audience can enjoy it all, armed with a program booklet to guide them from act to act. The bands that play come from all over the Netherlands and are given the opportunity to present themselves to the public, press and programmers from local venues and festivals through Popronde. Popronde is a breeding ground and the festival is a stepping stone to halls and festivals outside one’s own region, to a larger audience and to a good career in the music business. Examples of participants from the past who have made it far: Racoon, The State, Handsome Poets, Marike Jager, Dotan, Chef ‘Special, Go Back to the Zoo, John Coffey, Blaudzun, Mister & Mississippi, EUT, Rondé, Rose Beef, Kensington, Jeangu Macrooy, Lucky Fonz III and Haevn.

Popronde responds to the declining playing possibilities for bands. It is often difficult for starting bands – no matter how good – to arrange performances and attract audiences outside their own region. The set-up of Popronde – many exciting bands at attractive locations and also free of charge – knows how to attract audiences and generate attention for (as yet unknown) bands.

Through Popronde these talented acts tour throughout the Netherlands, build their name, expand their network and reach a whole new audience. 

Popronde takes place in a circuit of accessible locations that differ in size and atmosphere. As a result, you can see many bands on one evening, free of charge. The emphasis is not on “names”, but on a diverse, versatile and high-quality program. In this way it becomes attractive for the public to discover new bands in their own city at stages – which normally do not or hardly ever program – within walking distance in an atmospheric setting.

Present in every Popronde city : the PR info stand

For all information about Popronde in a city and for Popronde merchandise, visit the information booth at a centrally located Popronde location in the center of the city. The location of the information stand is indicated per city in the program booklet and on the route map with the  I of information. In addition to all the information about the bands, showtimes and route, you can score the Popronde Poncho, get your own Popronde T-shirt, designed by crazy artists, and buy the Popronde CD box, containing 10 years of Popronde music!