January 10, 2018 @ 11:00 am
twelve twelve Contemporary Art Gallery
Prinsestraat 53
The Hague

A week after the closure of the Yugoslavia tribunal, the exhibition Post-Tramatic opens at twelve twelve gallery

Peter Koole (1958) highlights historical events by painting them. His work is based on photographs and texts that he accurately converts to the canvas. He enlarges or manipulates an image or text, often found in a newspaper, to highlight the detail he wants to show.

The paintings by Peter Koole show a possible way to reflect on the contradictory nature of politics and our society today, to question and underline them. In addition to painting, the artist works with video and installations. In the exhibition we see an overview of Peter Koole’s extensive work.

The exhibition, Post-Traumatic, carries the title of Peter’s last eponymous work. A painting about the unimaginably high number of people in Bosnia and Herzegovina suffers from PTSD. There is talk of a number of one-quarter-a-million. The disorder is passed on to a next generation and disrupts society. The painting emphasizes the aftermath of the genocide of Srebrenica, which has been a reason for the artist to make a painting twelve times.

As part of human culture, art has the power to influence society. Artists have the privilege of using infinite aesthetic means to develop intellectual processes that potentially generate positive social change. Peter Koole asks questions through his monumental paintings.

The driving force behind Peter Koole’s work is a sense of justice. Most works exist because of his desire to protest against the injustice of inequality and invisibility. There is a call for compassion, the attempt to keep someone or some events out of oblivion. You could say that he chooses or paints the side of the victims from their point of view. His paintings are realistic but suggestive. Through a combination of image and text, Koole appeals to us, the spectator. He gives just enough information to put the visual in the context.

The exhibition Post-Traumatic by Peter Koole opens a week after the closure of the Yugoslavia tribunal.

Work Peter Koole