November 2, 2018 – December 28, 2018 all-day
De Zonnestraal
Stevinstraat 115

Grégory Dubus is a French man living in The Hague working for an international company and who has also been an artist for more than 25 years during his spare time.

His art is following the abstract art movement called ‘Suprematism’, which is focused on painting basic geometric forms in a limited range of colors in order to reach ‘pure artistic feelings’ and his objective is to ‘Procure emotions and reflections thanks to the creation of complexes geometric structural compositions, mostly being triangles’.

Sarah Heussaff, art critic and expository commissioner, says:

‘’The whole work of Grégory Dubus is seen as a choreography in which the lines and the solids of colors come, in harmony, to match each other. Space is gradually being invaded by the movement of forms that leave no frame or immaculate space or even silence in the support of this ballet. The lines, predominant, are carried out by freehand according to the intuition of the Artist. In a maze of corridors, strong lines and colors, each piece comes to deploy its own entity. Every work produced keeps its uniqueness like the momentum that dictates the walk that the work will take at the beginning of its conception’’.

His art represents also his personality which contains a duality of concepts that he is trying to make coexisting together in harmony:  Simplicity vs complexity; Monotony vs diversity; Facility vs difficulty; Planning vs spontaneity; Visible vs invisible; Conscious vs unconscious; effort vs ease; artist vs craftsman…

His art is exigent because it requires lot of patience, rigor and precision. Indeed, each of his drawings and paintings is made with free hand (no ruler used) and often requires up to 100 hours of work! His technic used to build his artworks is also very atypical. Indeed, he is using a drawing made first on a folder to make a large acrylic painting using the coloring method.

His artworks can be viewed on his website. You also have an unique opportunity to see and to purchase some of his artworks in real during the exhibition in Scheveningen. The artist will also present his art and technique during the official opening at 14:00 on 10 November.