The bond between the Residentie Orkest and Louis Andriessen goes back for many decades. Now that this influential Dutch composer will turn eighty in June, the Hague orchestra will pay a worthy tribute, featuring an impressive suite based on the Writing to Vermeer opera at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague on Saturday March 23. Louis’ father Hendrik will also be featured in this fragile but fascinating series of songs for soprano and string orchestra. With Lilian Farahani, soprano.

‘Farahani, with her singing and speaking voice, straightens the hearts of the spectator’ – NRC HANDELSBLAD

A complete night out! 
Tickets include wardrobe, coffee / tea and drink during the break.

About this concert

Jurjen Hempel, conductor 
Lilian Farahani, soprano

Kordzaia – melodiemarvintouchit 
Stravinsky – Symphony in Three Movements 
H. Andriessen – Miroir de peine 
L. Andriessen / Rundell – Vermeer Pictures

In collaboration with students from the Royal Conservatory in The Hague.