January 1, 2018 @ 2:30 pm
Houtrustweg 505
The Hague

Ballet and Orchestra State Opera of Tatarstan

Romeo and Juliet are probably the two most represented characters within the theatre walls. The themes that Shakespeare addresses – fiery love, hatred, violence and passion – have all been fascinating since the beginning of professional theatre.

Ultimate Love Tragedy

Composer Prokofiev was inspired by the story of an impossible love. With his beautiful composition from 1934, he laid the foundation for this worldwide favourite classic, one of the highlights of the classical-romantic ballet tradition. The execution is in excellent hands with the Ballet of the State Opera of Tatarstan, one of the top companies of Russia and expert in the field of large classical ballets.

The company brings the ultimate love story to life with beautiful dance, impressive decors, sumptuous costumes and heartbreaking, compelling encounters between the two lovers. In the best Russian dance tradition, the star dancers take you to the Verona-torn Verona. In the meantime, the love between Romeo and Juliet is flourishing, to the deeply tragic end. The event is accompanied by a live orchestra.