In the summer of 2019, Muzee pays attention to the various challenges facing the oceans today. In the exhibition SOS (Save Our Seas) we investigate issues such as plastic pollution, overfishing, warming up and acidification of the seawater and the rise in sea level. With these relevant and very urgent topics we want to raise awareness and look into the future for possible sustainable solutions.

From the marine biological expertise of Muzee we will scientifically approach and highlight these themes.

In order to make the exhibition visually attractive and to appeal to a larger audience, we also show contemporary artists who are working with these themes.

For this exhibition, a side program has been developed of lectures and workshops in collaboration with various organizations to increase the awareness of our audience and also to start a dialogue about sustainability and innovative solutions to the problems we raise. 

On the contrary, we see it as a task for Muzee to pay attention to these problems because the museum is inextricably linked to life on, on and in the sea. The pollution and exhaustion of the sea and the rise in sea level will only become more urgent and clear in the coming years.