March 1, 2019 – March 3, 2019 all-day
Secret Garden Winter Festival Rotterdam

The Secret Garden moves to another hidden city oasis every time it happens! For the festival, an unknown location is temporarily transformed into a magical garden party. Rotterdam is becoming more popular and as a result, locations that are vacant for a longer period of time are becoming increasingly rare. After five successful editions of The Secret Garden, it is time for a new formula. This time not three weekends, but three days an undiscovered place will be transformed into a tropical courtyard.

Warm yourself both indoors and outdoors in tropical winter moods with magical scenery, spontaneous performances and playful activities. A stimulating program is put together with music, theater, workshops, exhibitions and other entertainment. The Secret Garden is the perfect place to escape from the daily hustle and to imagine yourself in a wintery Walhalla full of surprises.

As with the previous editions, the location remains secret until the day before the opening. By means of hints on the Facebook page of The Secret Garden you can guess where the festival takes place in the coming weeks!