August 29, 2018 – September 23, 2018 all-day
The Hague Art Circle
Denneweg 64
Den Haag
See & See Again: Forty Years After the KABK @ The Hague Art Circle

Eleven former students from the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague Art Circle will exhibit work from 29 August to 23 September 2018, under the guidance of art historian Ernst van de Wetering, best known as leader of the Rembrandt Research Project.

After being educated more than 42 years ago as a ‘teacher in art and art history at the HBS and the Gymnasium’, eleven former students who jointly graduated from the KABK in 1976 are showing their visual work in the various halls of The Hague Art Circle.

In 1976, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague, also known as the Drawing Academy, was still training drawing teachers, with an almost Renaissance-style program. The primary focus was on learning to draw and the knowledge of various techniques and materials. The lessons were given by famous visual artists such as Auke de Vries, Willem Minderman, Wim Beuning, Gerrit Noordzij and Rien Bout.

An interesting aspect of the exhibition is whether this explicit professional training has left its mark on the work of the former students. Because the work of the participants is very diverse, visitors are invited to look, compare, and assess whether there is a common origin.

Ernst van de Wetering, known for being an art historian and leader of the Rembrandt Research Project, started his education at the same department of the KABK as the exhibitors. At this exhibition, he is presenting drawings and sketches made at the time.

A publication for which Van de Wetering wrote the preface will appear at the exhibition. Furthermore, each participant has written a short biography, illustrated with pictures of their work. An historical introduction examines how The Hague’s art climate in the 1970s related to what was important nationally and internationally.

Photo: D Glenn Preister