Four kindred spirits in a musical meeting. From Thorshavn to an old barn in the light of the blue
moon the steam engine picks up speed. Along the way on a bed of strings stories are told and
melodies are shared. Looking for the purest note on a journey that never ends.
These musicians have been around and can be heard on many albums. They've worked with Si
Kahn, Les Primitifs du Futur, Magna Carta, Henny Vrienten, Frédérique Spigt and Douwe Bob.
Steam Power plays original bluegrass influenced repertoire with beautiful lyrics and instrumental
  • Laurens Joënsen – vocals, guitar
  • Janos Koolen – vocals, mandolin, banjo, clarinet
  • Joost van Es – vocals, fiddle
  • Fay Lovsky – vocals, bass, cello, musical saw