Swim to Fight Cancer Nederland

Swim to Fight Cancer was founded in 2014 by a number of enthusiastic and driven people with a great idea: swimming in a city, in the canals, where participants and teams collect as many donations as possible for cancer research. A beautiful and rebellious initiative that in recent years has grown into a successful event that is being organized throughout the Netherlands. It is beautiful and moving to see how many people swim every year, all with a personal motivation to jump into the water. In the meantime, Swim to Fight Cancer has made an enormous contribution to cancer research by talented researchers who work hard every day for a breakthrough!

Swim to Fight Cancer Den Haag

Swim to Fight Cancer The Hague is a swimming event that starts for the first time on Saturday 14 September 2019 in the canals of the royal city, around the Palace Garden. A nice and rebellious initiative, with the aim of raising money for cancer research. In recent years, Swim to Fight Cancer has grown into a successful event that is already being organized in various cities in the Netherlands and should not be missed in The Hague.

During this event, participants and teams swim in the canals of The Hague to raise as much money as possible for Fight Cancer, a foundation that raises funds for scientific cancer research and prevention.

A team of enthusiastic and passionate people from The Hague is committed to making it possible to swim against cancer in the canals of The Hague this year.