January 20, 2018 @ 7:30 pm
Houtrustweg 505
The Hague

In Switch’18, the dancers of NDT (Nederlands Dans Theater) 1 and NDT 2 take the lead and compose a unique program of choreographies they have created themselves. Not only the artistic interpretation but also the production, marketing, communication and fundraising are in their hands.

The entire proceeds of the evening go to a charity chosen by the dancers. This year that is Instituto Terra in Brazil. This institute supports the restoration of the ecosystem and the planting of new trees in the rainforest.

“For NDT dancers it is a great experience to be part of Switch. It offers a platform to practice other skills; from choreographing and dancing to producing and organizing. The proceeds go to a good cause, which makes the process of this event even more worthwhile. This way our art can not only inspire, but it can also support the less fortunate in different ways. “- Chuck Jones (dancer NDT 1)