October 19, 2018 – October 20, 2018 all-day
Sea Sights Festival

Will we be living at sea in the future? What do we think of wind farms and are we sufficiently prepared for rising sea levels? Talk to the very first Sea Sights Debate on Saturday 20 October in The Hague.

The Hague celebrates the 200th anniversary of Scheveningen this year, and looks back with pride on its colourful history as well as looking ahead. The coast offers all kinds of possibilities and challenges, and together we can turn our attention to these. That is why you are cordially invited to think along, to talk and to learn from each other.

Exciting theories
The Sea Sights Debate starts at 3:00 pm at Tasty Comedy on the Pier. The discussion leader is debate and speech trainer Gijs Weenink. With the aim of stimulating discussions he invites all attendees to talk to each other. Afterwards you can continue talking with a bite and a drink. Participation is free, but registration is necessary. Please use the link above to register.

Sea Sights Festival
The Sea Sights Debate is part of the Sea Sights Festival, which takes place from 19 to 21 October in Scheveningen. For three days, the Boulevard and the Pier are all about innovation along the coast.
At the Sea Sights Expo, startups, artists, architects and other future makers present their vision on the development of our coast in sea containers scattered across the Scheveningen boulevard. Food trucks offer goodies from the North Sea, such as seaweed burgers and unknown types of fish from the North Sea, and special outdoor art can be seen in many places.

On Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 October there will be a special children’s program, in cooperation with Festival de Betovering, including a workshop on waste fashion and a wonderful journey through more than 4000 plastic bags.