January 15, 2019 @ 7:30 pm
De Warenar Kerkstraat 75
2242 HE
The Arts Society The Hague presents:  ‘The Gods of Egypt by Tanja van der Zon

With the major exhibition ‘Gods of Egypt’, from 12 October 2018 until 31 March 2019, the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden brings numerous treasures to the Netherlands. Over 500 objects from Dutch and international museums will bring the Egyptian pantheon to life and demonstrate the enormous influence of the gods on the lives of the Ancient Egyptians.

Ancient Egypt is saturated in religion and magic. Stories about gods and the creation determined how the people saw the world. In her lecture Tanja van der Zon will introduce you to the fascinating world of the Gods of the ancient Egyptians. Where did they come from? Where did the gods live? What role did they play in the daily lives of the Egyptians and their pharaohs? And what were their purpose in the Netherworld? Myths and stories will tell you about their extraordinary existence and influences.

Besides that, this lecture will also give you a better understanding of the Egyptian world view. Other themes include the role that temples played in the country, the journey to the underworld, and the use of home altars. A crucial element was for instance the position of the pharaoh, who was seen as the reincarnation on earth of the god Horus.

Tanja van der Zon studied art and archaeology at the University of Amsterdam. Since 2008 she has been responsible as exhibition manager for exhibitions in the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden like the exhibition ‘The gods of Egypt’.


The lecture starts at 20.00 pm; premises opens at 19.30 pm; De Warenar Kerkstraat 75, 2242 HE, Wassenaar. Entrance (non-members): € 13,- (Cash payments preferred or a tikkie). A membership (8 lectures, free entrance; and other activities) is € 65,- per year and € 120,- for a couple.