Improv “battle” this Saturday ~ You, the audience, hold the power!

On 30 November, in the heart of our city, twelve improvisors battle to be crowned Best Improvisor of The Hague.

The trick is, in improv, it’s best to really make your fellow players look good! The audience (you!) provide the inspiration, and reward the Players via the ol’ Applause-o-Meter way. So who will be crowned “Quing of the Stage?” (King/Queen 😉 )

Reserve online and get a free drink with your €10 ticket:

Date: Saturday 30, November

Time: 19:30 Doors open; 20:00 The Battle Begins!

Location: Theater in de Steeg, Westeinde 165a, 2512 GX Den Haag 

Refreshments: Beer & Wine available for a mere €2, bring Cash please (the Nuts are on-the-house!)

Improv theater is just budding in The Hague amongst the international, English-speaking, crowd. Maybe you’ve seen “Who’s Line Is It Anyway,“ “Asscat” or the dutch “de Lama’s”.. all fun examples of people performing unscripted theater, making something out of anything. Improv inherently appeals to an International audience, people willing to take risks and venture forth.

Behind the Scenes

“Yes And!”, a key principle of improv, is a phrase we too often leave behind in childhood. Improv games and exercises help us win back that free spirited, open attitude. They help us shake-off the inhibitions that pile up as life happens, as we filter ourselves, as we worry about failing or seeming silly, all the while crushing our creativity.

Improv games help to sharpen a handful of skills; active listening, collaboration, storytelling, going with your instinct, and stretching your comfort zone. Being amongst fellow players fosters a sense of trust that only spurs you on, and all in the name of fun!

Your hosts

This Battle is brought to you by the Hague’s own Royal Improv, in cooperation with Let’s Play and Improv Den Haag 😉 where you can find workshops and more.