In the world of show and cabaret, there are silent acts that make a deep impression among all eloquent rattlers. TAPE FACE for example. His silent comedy shows receive so many four and five star reviews that he no longer has to spend money on publicity.

Fire. New. Show.

“Endlessly inventive, terribly funny. Sublime madness, “wrote Time Out. What is so funny? Only TAPE FACE’s appearance already: a wild look, an electrocuted haircut and a piece of black duct tape on his mouth. Only with his motor skills does he wrap every room around his finger. In this new show, the sporting participation of the audience is an important ingredient, as well as music, sound effects and a delicious portion of imagination. NRC Handelsblad saw TAPE FACE during one of his many shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe: “He creates pure theater magic, drawing on a Chapline image.”

The press about TAPE FACE:

  • The Scotsman *****: “A show that’s a delight from start to finish, that can be enjoyed by absolutely everybody.”

[admission price including drink | guarded wardrobe]  

Festival Visuals

Theater de Veste regularly presents a particularly visual (international) theater offering under the name ‘Festival Visuals’. Fascinating gems of high quality in which images are significant. They are performances by makers who have in common that their work is successful far beyond the national borders.