October 14, 2018 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
De Ruijterstraat 74 2518 AV The Hague
Theosophy Talks 2018-2019 @ Blavatskyhouse

English spoken Theosophy Talks are held monthly from October until May on every second Sunday afternoon at The Blavastkyhouse, De Ruijterstraat 74 in The Hague. The Talks start at 2 p.m. The doors open from 1:30 p.m. and the Talks come to an end at around 4 p.m. Admission is always free and naturally there will be every opportunity to ask questions.

The name Theosophy comes from the Greek ‘Theos’ and ‘Sophia’ and literally means Divine Wisdom. Other names are: Esoteric Philosophy, Chochmah, Prajñâpâramitâ, Gupta-Vidyâ.

Theosophy is as old as mankind can think. It is the source of all great religions and philosophies on earth. Theosophy includes the principles of morality and provides directions for human thought and action. The teachings are not based on faith but on knowledge. Theosophy is: independent thinking and investigation into truth. It explains both the how (science), the why (philosophy), and the (religion) of life.

English spoken Theosophy Talks 2018-2019
Sunday October 14th 2018 – Ubuntu: I am because we are
Sunday November 11th 2018 – The secret of happiness
Sunday December 9th 2018 – The Great Pyramid: an initiation temple
Sunday January 13th 2019 – Euthanasia and organ donation: yes or no?
Sunday February 10th 2019 – From Stonehenge to Hubble
Sunday March 10th 2019 – Holistic science
Sunday April 14th 2019 – From stress to Zen
Sunday May 12th 2019 – A spiritual perpective on sustainability

Watch online!
The Theosophy Talks can also be joined live and revisited at your leisure online via our YouTube channel ‘Theosophical Society Point Loma’.